Film: Happy Farmers

director Barbora Kinkalová, camera Jan Šípek, editor Michal Reich, sound Jana Kožnarová, Adam Levý
documentary film, 34 minutes, 2018, english version with czech subtitles, english version with german subtitles

Growing vegetables, farming, mindfulness, community and healing- these are the topics of the film. It shows the possibilities of combining the present life connected with Mother Earth with farm work, or with work in general.
The film was shot in september 2016 by a small film crew from Czech Republic, it was made for joy, with the help of crowdfunding.

Happy Farm, an organic vegetable farm, is a part of zen-buddhistic monastery called Plum Village, established by a Nobel Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh. The community of lay people started the farm on a clay ground, but thanks to their dedication (and a lot of compost), the farm is flourishing every year more and more. Their life and work with plants shows us the metaphores between taking care of the plants and the care of one´s inner world and the whole community.

This visually poetic documentary tries to present the lively atmosphere of a special place.


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Prepremiere: 21.4. 2018, Ecology days, Olomouc, Czech Republic

CZ premiere: 26.6. 2018, 19:00, cinema Kasárna Karlín, Prague, Czech Republic

French premiere: september 2018 Happy Farm, Plum Village, France

Screening in competition of MFF Ekofilm 2018: 12.10., 16:30 2018, Brno, Czech Republic

German screenings: Institute for Applied Buddhism: October, Heckenbeck: 31st October, Erfurt: 4th December, 7pm, Stuttgart: 15th of December

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